Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Proud member of 'True-Blue' team !!

Patronizing none other than my "true-Blue" team..Yes..none other than Chelsea FC.

Now am proud to be a e-member of the team !!! If you are excited, do visit

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crudity to the crux - Mumbai terror drama !!

Its an utter shame and plight to look at the state of a country which speaks of democracy with diversity but show back to the preparedness of tackling terrorism.

How many chances should a nation get to get this rehearsed to take care during the future incidences?? We cant stop terrorist incidences but we can get ourselves equipped. We wouldn't have lost 2 chief police and ATS chief who led the assault against terrorist first with basic armors!! It was pity to see the callous politicians doing the blame game and gain poll mileage than be united to fight against terrorism and united with the citizens!!

Why should police personnel risk their lives and politicians and bureaucrats holed up at safe bungalows?

I share my serious condolences to police and ATS chief who lost their bravely for our lives and pray for god to support their families!!

Its my sincere view that these so called "white ghosts" must be shot at, for being trivial to our country well being. Lets declare emergency and youngsters rule !!

Lets give our heart to our brave men !!

Lets see a change!! This is our country!! This is India !!

I am united for it !! I game for a change !!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its the turn of cuties again...Madagascar 2 !!

Cuties on the run!! Now in Africa!! Thats the crux. Thats what you will enjoy in this sequel. Those who had a chance to watch the first part might be aware of the pranks the big boys played in NY and sub. The story starts from Africa.. and ....

I do not want to reveal the cute story. Do not miss to watch it when the sequel releases in India...Till then enjoy the game of big boys !!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Law & not-so-order next gen !

Dil Chahta Hai speaks of it !! Main Hoon Na portrays it !! College blues was filmed on it !!

Hey people...our own "Thala" Ajith latest starrer "Aegan: speaks of it.. What am i speaking about? What's our matter of contention is not the films alone. the theme behind of these films is not blockbusters!! Please spare me..Am not a critic..Let me not digress then..Am trying to talk of the crux in all of them. Yes!! That's "friendship"

Tell me people one thing!! Does these films are released to rake moolahs by producers and earn hefty paychecks by actors..Doesn't they give out something for the society. After watching Dil chahta hai 11 times to be exact, i learnt the "true" value of friendship who were close!!!

Does audience who watch enjoy them for 3 hours at the theater seats munching popcorn and sipping colas is for entertainment? If you ask parents of last generation on movies, their immediate answer would be that children gets poisoned by movies. If that's the case, then why friendship not taken seriously?

“If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself” - Hesse

The reason for saying is why the hell students had to show so much hatred towards their fellow mates in college. The scene created at the Law college in chennai is a "Black day" in humanity!! Does elections and argument over girl love turn them so bad? I seriously wonder if the education impart them? If you ask psychologist, they argue the history subjects speak of atrocities by various rulers like Hitler, Napoleon, Aurangzeb etc. Hence the result. Not to mention Power rangers, TMNT etc.

It is heart-struck to see such a barbaric act by students. That too students of law upon whom the nation trusts that they are next gen CJI who would maintain law&order in the country. I doubt if that can happen! Another turn to events is the political tinge. I don't know from where these people come in. May for vote banks.

I was shocked to see the senior policeman speaking casually over mobile while the acts of hatred was going in the background even though the public persuades!! It was a decorated event with police vans parked outside for a cup of coffee

Seeing these events, I feel we are no where near to say that we are liberated. Democracy explained in an explicit way to the world stage.

"Hail the future Law & not-so-orderly future genex" sadly :((( !!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chrome - a new browser chromosome!!

Living upto expectations is not easy!!
Many do it in style sometimes!! But some do it many times!!

One firm who always live up to this phrase is undoubtedly Google!! Its not easy to be on top who is thriving on ad revenues alone!! That too make profits YoY!! Also tantalizing the NASDAQ with "not of a kind" IPO in the history of US market!!

One of their latest offering is the new web browser called as "Google Chrome"!! Its damn good!! Its a saying from a horse's mouth like an ardent fan of Firefox..Yes thats me!!

To me 90% akin to Firefox on OSD application !!The website speaks of so many tech jargons which is like grammar to a LKG kid!! It seems to contain stuff!! We will know only when we start exploring the browser!!

I had a chance to download and use it!! It seems fine. This blog is penned in chrome.

Lets see how it goes out to users down there!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chelsea Blues does 'Firestarter' !!

It rains..It shines..Sometimes quakes..I was not talking of Mother earth!! I am referring to the Blues opening match against spineless Portsmouth in the Barclays premier league. It was "raining goals" by my "sweet blues"!! Who expected that the defenders would have to settle for a draw with New castle? But the back-to-back champs with a new crazy team and leader had a vision. They are determined to cheer the true fans like me throughout this season. After a long time I could see natual smile in Abramovich since the times of mourinho.

What I could cry for is to win league and champions this year. Also continue the home record for another season!! Its instant victory for Scolari!!

All the Best !!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


How would you feel when you had typed the URL i/o What I meant was how would your computer feel? It would be under threat of catching cold..err.spyware!!!...

But I have a solution...rather..there is a solution. There is a firm calling them as "Web Of Trust"(WOT). Yes..They are truly trusted firm..They have a wonderful add-on for firefox fans like me. If you are not gifted as such and still use IE,no sweat! You can still add them and make surfing somewhat secure!!

Once installed the WOT color code appears on the sites wherever you go. Based on that you would be rest assured that the site is genuine or malware!!

Isn't it worthwhile to blog? U Decide!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

What an Idea!!!

They say Pen is mightier than sword. But Ads speak more than words. I always admire the creativity in ads. In a minuscule 10 to 20 sec break, the creative team has to convey the message to the viewers which a movie may take 3 hours. Its nonsense to compare movie and ads as equivalent in comparing 50m sprint and a marathon. Though the finish is the same, reach varies. Though marathon is a dragger, movie does attracts more!!

Nowadays how many people are racing against time and people to be in queue to get tkt to fdfs? Creativity takes a backseat in movies in the way that the competitive products had to have upper hand over others. Sometimes ads do make things itchy!! Most of them show great zealous and ingenuity.

For example, Master piece ads like FEVICOL is most famous for its famous line "yeh fevicol ki jode tootegaa nahi". Depicting in different forms of unbroken egg, full loaded bus is the most creative. I wondered how the creative writer would have thought of depicting this which is so much "real life adaptable".

Other one I like is the HAPPYDENT WHITE. What on earth would anybody think in the way that chewer of the gum would radiate light cos of shiny teeth and give lighting to a palace? Hats off!!

The more educational product which is not so sleazy in TV was MOODS..The latest ones. What they are trying to depict is the positive way of using the product which otherwise takes all the disgrace of clandestinity. Its very much applicable in today's world and no need to change the channel!!

Also the ad on VIP was splendid in displaying the problem of "adjustment" in public places and the embarrassment eventually. This was so neatly devised.

On top of all this, I loved this new series of ads on IDEA CELLULAR. The initial series of calling people by numbers to forego casts. Then the wonderfully crafted dialogue between guide and a dumb female. Wow. It was so heart touching!! With the kinda music at the background, one would like to cry out emotions!! Then the latest on schooling in villages by conducting classes through mobiles!! Though seems simple but very effective!!

If given a chance, I would definitely love to do a short ad myself!! Am sure somebody would help to unearth the creativity of humans!! Or is it me?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Part of world record!!

Iam happy and proud to be part of the world record set by Mozilla Firefox for the software getting downloaded by most number of users in 24 hours. I was always a fan of firefox since it was free-launched and this effort was no instigation for me to participate.

You are most welcome to spread the fire and "Firefox"..That too for good cause!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Expectation!!! Is it fair?

We have been living with this for our life. But sometimes I wonder what actually it is. Everyone give their own definitions. But which one scores top mark is a big question to answer than the one at hand. I am talking of 'friendship'!!

Does this exist in office place too? Is it the same feeling one experiences in school or college? I see it the same way in whichever situation one may be. I find it difficult to understand this feeling with males and females in office env. I am not sure how others feel. May be they didn't had a chance to voice out.

I had 'not-so-good' exp with one of my colleagues. I have the behavior of not moving so well with all people so easily. But when I find people to be of my kind, I go with them closer and treat them like self. For these long years of my age I always won friends and not heard of them saying that I got "irritated"! Though the words come from heart (at least for me in some situations), I couldn't take it lightly. I am sentimental when it comes to friends. I don't wanna lose the ones I like. Is it right to be possessive of them? I say yes!!

Now back to the issue with this colleague. I do understand others feelings and accommodate them. Bitterness comes when they don't understand my way of dealing with them. The "cold war" started and we did not spoke to each other. I was frustrated. The crux was that this colleague did not able to answer to the question I asked. This happened when this colleague was on way to home. The colleague gave a different answer saying the colleague is struck in traffic. I asked for answer to my first question. This caused the temper to rise. But silence remained.

Does silence portray to me that the colleague is angry or upset? Or the behavior in asking the second question when stuck in traffic is wrong? Hmm. To me I tried to be informal being considered as a best friend. Hence I expected a reply saying I am tired or stuck in traffic or I will reply later. But none happened. Only silence. I do accept my mistake that I tried to "over expect". If any one of the reply had come, everything would have been in place. I am not trying to blame the colleague but trying to put across my justification. Is this right behavior to be silent? Or I was over expecting behavior on others?

I was confused in behaving with this colleague. I am getting worried whether to expect more or be formal by creating boundary! But one thing to mention that the colleague is a very good type and able to use brain a lot(like me..of course). The colleague is of my kind and hard to lose.

I tried ways to break the ice and spoke. One thing is true from my experience is that being friend with a male is completely different and less challenging than with a female.

Lets see how this colleague reacts.!!